recrutement_cles_reussite.jpgYou are looking for specific talents to complete your Canadian team and your local recruitment has not been successful?

You have decided to seek talents abroad? This is an unusual activity for your company and you are not sure how to go about it? Here are 5 actions to take into account for a successful recruitment.

Identify the country with the skilled workers you are seeking
You are looking for a specific expertise, therefore you need to understand where this expertise is on the globe. Consider, as well, the new immigrants that are already in Canada or that are planning to move to your province in the next few weeks. Either way, you need to reach out to both populations.

Adapt your job posting 
You are looking for talents in France? in the United Kingdom? Depending on the country, the wording is different and will have to be adapted to the local recruitment process. Looking at the job openings in the country is a great source of inspiration to find the main keywords.

Appreciate the intercultural differences 
Each culture as a distinct relationship to work: commitment, loyalty, involvement, notice period and as well, some job seeker need to be reassured before accepting a new position. Knowing how it works in the native country allows to start on the right foot with the proper communication.

Even before finding the « perfect fit/match », consult an immigration specialist in order to understand the prerequisites, delays and costs associated with your needs.

Anticipate the arrival and integration of your future employee. He/ she will be new in town and possibly be settling-in with his/her family. They love to have a “Welcome kit” including a guide with the first administrative procedures and a few tips on the daily life. It is also nice to assign a mentor within your company. It can also be a previous employee that comes from abroad and has been in the company for several months. Having one person to refer to reassure the newcomer.

You have decided to recruit overseas and would like to integrate these 5 actions and more?
You have questions or want to launch your next recruitment? Kennedy Garceau can hunt for you and/or represent your company in job fairs, a great way to follow the local process and find the best talents, contact us!




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